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Careless driving on the roads

January 10, 2019 00:00:00

Almost all the main roads and highways in the country have colour coding for lanes, and signs mentioning speed limits as well as additional information on speed breakers and other items which are very helpful for drivers of vehicles. Such colour coding and signs do help drivers to follow traffic rules and drive safely without causing problems for other vehicles and commuters.

But most drivers in the country do not follow these. It is very common that some drivers switch lanes without signalling. Almost no one seems willing to make way for ambulances carrying patients. In case of tailbacks on busy roads, some drivers drive on the wrong side of other lanes in gross violation of traffic rules.

Many drivers are not aware of the basic traffic rules or the punishment that breach of rules can come their way. Laxity on the part of the traffic police is also found responsible to let things get chaotic on the roads.

Md. Emon Bhuiyan

East West University


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