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Reimagining the European Union

The European Union (EU) and its member states have been in turmoil both economically and politically for more than a decade now. The turmoil is at present slowly taking the shape of a crisis of confidence. A sense of foreboding is engulfing the EU. Everything that could go wrong seems...

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The magic of single digit rates

One can be forgiven for having grave misgivings at the fanfare with which the government and banks announced that interest rates for loans would be reverted to single digits. Belying competition laws, the banks have 'agreed' to bring loans down to a maximum of 9.0 per cent. There will be...

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Nationalism will go bankrupt

Nationalism versus globalism, not populism versus elitism, appears to be this decade's defining political conflict. Almost wherever we look - at the United States or Italy or Germany or Britain, not to mention China, Russia, and India - an upsurge of national feeling has become the main driving force of...

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