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Dengue spreading its tentacles in Gopalganj, Cumilla, Rangpur

August 11, 2019 00:00:00

Our Correspondents

GOPALGANJ, Aug 10: A total of 82 dengue patients have been admitted to hospitals in Gopalganj, Muksudpur, Kasiani and Tungipara in the district since July.

Among them, five were admitted to Muksudpur hospital, 12 at Tungipara hospital, one in Kasiani hospital and 64 others patients were admitted to the Gopalganj Modernised Sadar Hospital.

There is no death report in the district, hospita sources said.

Moreover, some 45 dengue-affected patients returned home after receiving treatment, sources added.

District civil surgeon Dr Tarun Mondal said, "We are trying our best to ensure proper treatment to the dengue patients. Sufficient kits have already been arrived at the hospitals."

The District Administration and Gopalganj Municipality have urged all to keep their surroundings clean. The District Administration is continuing mobile court activities to conduct the cleanliness drives.

Gopalganj Municipal Mayor Kazi Liyakat Ali Leku said dengue larvae destroying mission is going on in full swing.

Our Correspondent from Cumilla writes: The number of dengue patients has exceeded five hundred in the district.

Until Friday morning, 37 dengue patients were admitted to various hospitals in the district including Cumilla Medical College and Hospital during the last 24 hours.

This information has been confirmed by civil surgeon of the district Dr Md Mujibur Rahman. Children and young people are more affected by the disease.

Majority of dengue victims are men here.

Dr. Salma Akhter, in-charge of Dengue Corner at Cumilla Medical College Hospital, said the male ward of medicine has now become a dengue corner.

There are 20 beds in the ward. Currently there are 87 dengue patients admitted there. Since dengue is an infectious disease, doctors, nurses are also at risk of being infected, so caution is being taken.

Dr Swapan Kumar Adhikari, director of CMCH, said 221 dengue patients have returned home from the hospital. At present, 136 patients, including dengue coroners, are undergoing treatment. So far no one has died in the hospital of dengue.

The district civil surgeon said more than 150 dengue-affected patients are undergoing treatment at the government-private hospitals in the district.

The number of dengue patients is increasing every hour. So far, a total of 378 patients have received the clearance certificate after completing treatment at the Government-Private Hospitals in the district.

CMC Hospital sources said patients suffering from dengue started receiving treatment at Cumilla Medical College Hospital from July 22. On July 23, the number of dengue patients in Cumilla was only four.

Until July 27, the number of dengue patients admitted to CMC Hospital was 27. Then the number of patients started to increase from July 28. Now, on average, 30 patients are being admitted to the hospital everyday.

Our Rangpur Correspondent adds: The number of dengue patients is still increasing in Rangpur.

Some 256 patients were admitted to hospitals during the last 22 days, sources said. Most of the patients are undergoing treatment at Rangpur Medical College and Hospital (RMCH) while some are also undergoing treatment outside RMCH. Many were discharged after treatment, sources also said.

However, most of the patients carried it from outside the district while some have been attacked with the disease in Rangpur and its adjacent districts.

Patients and their relatives alleged that the treatment of the patients is being hampered owing to lack of adequate equipment.

Sources at several hospitals, clinics and dialogistic centres said a good number of panicked people are coming for dengue tests. But the RMCH hospital authorities are doing the test only when they find it necessary as their stock of the dengue detection kits has become scarce, sources added.

Sources alleged that presently, besides RMCH, other hospitals, clinics and dialogistic centres authorities are not able to continue the test owing to lack of dengue detection kits.

The number of patients is increasing day by day but they don't have enough kits, said acting director, RMCH Dr Sultan Ahmed. He said they are trying to ensure proper treatment and observation of the patients who are admitted to the hospital.

Necessary steps have been taken to combat any adverse situation during Eid vacation, Dr. Sultan added.

Most of the specialist doctors will be available in the hospital during Eid vacation as well to ensure proper treatment for dengue patients, he added.

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