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Pricey onion seeds worry Rajshahi farmers

Our Correspondent | November 09, 2020 00:00:00

RAJSHAHI, Nov 08: Farmers in Rajshahi district are worried at the sky-rocketing price of onion seeds in the market during the current season.

Many farmers said it is uncertain whether they could earn profit by purchasing onion seeds at the exorbitant price and by producing onion from the seeds.

It is learnt, in Barind region of Rajshahi, onion seeds are sown in December to January in the fields and onion is harvested in March-April.

Farmers said the price of onion seed increased by more than Tk 3,500 to Tk 4,000 per kilogram than that of the last year.

Last year, the price of onion seed was Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,500 per kg while this year it is being sold at Tk 5,000 to Tk 7,000.

As a result of such exorbitant price, farmers are worried and they are losing interest to cultivate onion further.

Farmer Reaz of Pachandar village under Tanore upazila said he had hoped to cultivate onion in more land than that of last year but by watching an abnormal increase in price of onion seed this year, he got disappointed and he has not yet sowed onion seeds in his field.

Toshiqul Islam of Chandlai village under Godagari upazila said he cultivates onion every year. This year he also took preparation to cultivate onion but he received a volley by knowing he will need Tk 4,000 more than that of last year to purchase one kilogramme of onion seed.

One kilogramme of seed is required to cultivate onion in a bigha of land. He said he has been suffering from indecision and has not yet sowed onion seed in his field. He demanded government incentive and free distribution of onion seed among the farmers.

Farmers of Rajshahi region complained, taking the opportunity of a high price of onion in the market, a dishonest circle of seed traders has increased the price of onion seed abnormally.

They demanded like the incentives for seeds of other crops, the farmers should be supplied onion seeds free of cost as an incentive.

The assistant agriculture officer of Tanore said due to the increase in price of onion, the price of onion seed has also been increased.

The production of onion seed has not been increased in the country as against the demand.

Moreover, the seed onion and onion were also damaged badly in hailstorm in the last year.

Also, getting a satisfactory price, many farmers had sold seed onion that is why there is a scarcity and high price of seed onion and onion seed in the markets.

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