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Ball tampering: A disgrace for cricket

April 03, 2018 00:00:00

CRICKET has been known as a gentleman's game over the decades. Occasions of untoward incidents in cricket are too few that distinguish cricket from other major sports. Ball tampering scandal during the current series against South Africa has already brought in disrepute for Cricket Australia. The scam claimed the scalps of three Australian players, including Captain Smith, his deputy Warner and bowling prodigy Bancroft, in addition to coach Lehmann - although the coach was cleared off any role in the ball-tampering episode.

Recent ball tampering by three high-profile Australian cricketers is a much-talked-about issue in the cricket world. The Australian cricket board has already suspended their match participation for a specific period of time and appropriate punishment will be awarded after proper investigation. The most important aspect of the incident is that millions of cricket fans across the world were grievously shocked and the cricketing image of Australia has been tarnished. When every player is an ambassador of their country s/he is expected to behave differently. The focus is on the governing body itself for allowing the heavily-criticised culture of the Australian team to develop to a point when players could no longer distinguish between pushing the boundaries of a game and premeditated cheating. Although ball tampering and match fixing are not new in cricket, similar offences by celebrities like Smith and Warner are least expected.

Md. Zillur Rahaman

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd

Lalmohan Branch, Bhola

[email protected]

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