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Letters to the Editor

Beware of light pollution

November 05, 2022 00:00:00

According to the 2016 World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness, 83 per cent of the world's population lives under light-polluted skies. As many as 99 per cent people in the USA and Europe cannot enjoy natural nights. Light should be used where it is needed. Unnecessary lighting causes harm to public health. In recent times, light pollution has emerged as a new problem in our society, as well. We need to be aware of the problems caused by light pollution.

At night, we should start dimming the light in our homes. A recent review of science suggests five key strategies to reduce light pollution worldwide. These are -- avoid the role of light in previously dark areas, use light at the lowest usable intensity, use light only where needed, use light only when needed, use more orange light instead of intense white spectrum. We need to encourage our family and friends to do this.

In the name of modernity, keeping lights on at night unnecessarily is a major cause behind the light pollution. It also wastes precious electricity. Decorative lighting arranged at various places should be curbed. If we can prevent the wastage of electricity individually and institutionally, we can make the country free from the current energy crisis and light pollution. We may not be able to stop light pollution overnight. But if we are a bit more conscious about this pollution, we can at least make sure that it gets reduced in our country.

Ashikujaman Syed,

Research Assistant,

Bioinformatics Research Lab,

Center for Research Innovation and Development (CRID),

[email protected]

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