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Citizens' security against digital bullying

October 15, 2020 00:00:00

Mobile phone and other digital technologies have also become a matter of concern for individuals as their personal information and sometimes its concocted versions were uploaded on the social media. Such leaks are making people more vulnerable while the information and statements contained in such leaked contents are not helping in building a tolerant and harmonious society.

However, we need to ask how this happens. Every day, we receive phone calls from unknown people who do so with specific targets. It's clear that they don't call randomly, rather with specific information. There are people who disturb others and seek advantage by calling others without their permission, even at dead of night.

So, for providing people with safety and security, the digital issue needs to be looked into ina holistic manner. Monitoring and regulating use of digital devices should be meant for public welfare, not for any particular quarters.

Mamun Hossain

Political Science, Dhaka College

[email protected]

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