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Cycling for health and fitness

August 01, 2019 00:00:00

Regularly riding a bicycle is recognised as a great form of exercise, along the same level as swimming by many health experts.

Cycling is a solid activity that can be appreciated by individuals regardless of their age and gender. Riding to work on a bicycle can be extremely helpful as it will not only keep the bicyclist fit, he/she can also escape the traffic congestion in Dhaka city. Cycling can offer the following advantages to a person:

a) It causes less strain on the muscles and bones if compared with other workout activities.

b) Cycling utilises a majority of the body's muscles.

c) Cycling does not require elevated amounts of physical ability and athleticism.

d) Useful for building stamina.

e) Besides exercising, bicycles are light and portable. They can squeeze through any traffic congestion where three wheelers taxis, automotive vehicles and buses will be stuck for hours.

Cycling allows people to inhale and exhale better. The activity can help regulate blood pressure as well as body temperature. The medical advantages of standard cycling include:

i) Better cardiovascular wellness

ii) Improve muscle quality

iii) Stronger bone joints.

iv) Diminished feelings of anxiety, improved stance and coordination

Anyone reading this should consider taking up regular cycling right away.

Zahid Hasan

Department of Business Administration

East West University

[email protected]

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