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First iron mine in Bangladesh

June 21, 2019 00:00:00

This letter is in reference to a news item, titled 'Country's first iron ore mine discovered in Dinajpur'. The news item was published in the front page of the Financial Express on June 19, 2019. The report stated that for the first time in Bangladesh, a magnetite (iron ore) mine has been discovered at Isabpur village in Hakimpur upazila of Dinajpur district by the Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB). This has renewed hopes for the country's economy.

The GSB made the groundbreaking announcement following extensive examinations after drilling a well for two months. The discovery of the mine is surely a matter of pride and prestige for the country. The team of GSB deserves kudos as they have unveiled similar discoveries in the past with their limited technology and without the help of foreign experts.

The GSB has found that a 400-foot thick iron layer was found 1,750 feet beneath the surface. It stretches over an area of 6-10 square kilometres and apart from the presence of gold, there are copper, nickel and chromium present within the layer. The discovery of the iron mine is the first such incident in Bangladesh.

It is true that the discovery of GSB team has certainly saved a huge amount of foreign currency as no foreign expert was required. They are doing their work with dedication. The discovery of the iron mine has also opened up economic prospects for the country.

The government should encourage the GSB so that they continue such drives in the future. Maybe, financial rewards and technological support will motivate them more.

Md. Zillur Rahaman

Satish Sarker Road,

Gandaria, Dhaka.

[email protected]

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