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Five-star hotel in Bandarban!

November 15, 2020 00:00:00

A new five-star hotel is likely to be built on the Bandarban'sChimbuk-Thanchi route. However, it is feared that this project may displace hundreds of local people. As the area contains several villages, the government should reconsider the decision of leasing it to a housing company. The ethnic people will suffer if the hotel is constructed there.

According to media reports, hotel and tourist spot is being built on about 1,000 acres of hilly land from Kapru Para Bazar to Jiban Nagar area. The people there have already protested against the decision of constructing the five-star hotel on Chimbuk Hill.

It is very concerning that such a massive project is being undertaken in Bandarban when there are issues to be resolved in the region. The CHT Land Commission is yet to begin functioning and addressing land disputes. The country and the region deserve a harmonious situation especially after signing of the CHT Peace Treaty in 1997 that ended a 25-year insurgency in the region.

Unfortunately, alleged land grabbing in Bandarban in the name of tourism and other activitiesis affecting environment. But it has been going on for years now. It is time to take prudent measures for judicious use of the hilly land and make sure that people get the fruits of development.

Farhan Fahim

Agrabad, Chattogram

[email protected]

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