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Letters to the Editor

Google suit an opportunity!

October 22, 2020 00:00:00

The US Justice Department has sued the world's most widely used search engine Google under anti-trust law. Authorities are also considering split of the $1.0 trillion company. Whatever the merit of the case in American context, it shows the importance of healthy competition among many players. Google was also fined in Europe allegedly for monopolistic behaviour.

What is important for countries like Bangladesh is that they need to take preparations for utisiling the potential of the worldwide web reducing dependency on giants. We need to believe that we can also be players, be it through syndication with similar partners. This is important for capturing business based on the net and for more liberty of the next generations. However, opportunities need to be tapped, they will not give results to us automatically. Our tech preparedness requires improvement in our education.

Sabbir Ahmed

Leeds, the UK

[email protected]

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