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How safe is the RAJUK Bhaban?

April 07, 2019 00:00:00

The Rajdhani Unnyan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) Bhaban is an important structure of Dhaka city. It is important for the people as they receive services related to efficient and environment-friendly land use, planning and design, building conservation, car park management etc. from the RAJUK office located in the building. Aesthetically, the building is considered by many people as one of the best government buildings in the country.

It is good that after the Banani fire incident, several teams of RAJUK have been working very hard to identify 'risky' buildings in Dhaka. The building inspection work is going really well, as media has reported. We hope that the authorities will take proper steps during the drive so that the number of such incidents would drastically decrease in the future.

But how safe is the RAJUK Bhaban itself? If inspected properly, the teams will find unauthorised structures in the eastern and northern sides of the building. There are many illegal shops operational around the boundary walls of the RAJUK Bhaban. Any fire from these illegal establishments can spread to the building causing a big disaster.

Inside the building, the elevators that are being used are very old. I doubt that they are properly maintained. What will happen if the cord of any of the elevators tears all of a sudden? Such an incident can lead to casualties and injuries.

Recently, when I went to the building, I did not find any signs directing to the functional fire exits as well as emergency stairs.

The RAJUK Bhaban should be a model building for the Dhaka city dwellers. I would like to request the building inspection team to visit the RAJUK Bhaban and the structures around it.

We, the common people, expect the RAJUK Bhaban to be safe and suitable for providing public services. The building should act as an example for builders across the country. I hope that the authorities will take immediate steps to resolve the problems existing in the RAJUK Bhaban.

Kabir Uddin

[email protected]

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