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Increasing age limit for government job

October 09, 2022 00:00:00

The job seekers in Bangladesh have for long been demanding that age limit for government jobs should be increased to 35 years from existing 30 years. In my view, their demand is rational. Because of various reasons, a university student needs seven to eight years to complete his/her education. On average, they can do it when their age is 26 or 27. So they get only three to four years for getting their desired job.

When average life expectancy was 45 years, age limit for getting government jobs was 27 and when life expectancy was 50, age limit was 30. But now that average life expectancy is 72 in Bangladesh, the age limit for getting a job should also be raised. Increased age limit will provide organisations with the scope to choose the best candidates they are looking for from a large number of job aspirants.

So, we urge the government to look into this matter sincerely and set the age limit to 35 years so that justice can be done to the seekers of government jobs.

Md. Jamirul Islam,

[email protected]

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