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Mass shootings in USA

August 08, 2019 00:00:00

It was shocking that a gunman killed more than 20 people in a Walmart shopping store in Texas, USA on August 03. The Caucasian shooter had casually walked into the Walmart store and targeted shoppers and employees, in a heavily-Hispanic neighbourhood. Many are suspecting that the shooter probably hated Hispanics.

Before the attack, the killer Patrick Crusius wrote a "manifesto" that was posted online. The manifesto was filled with anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric.

A day later, on August 04, nine people were killed in a shooting in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio. The suspect, Connor Stephen Betts, was also shot dead by the police. Ohio police are claiming that the shooter was a leftist.

It is being thought that these shooters are all becoming more dangerous and polarised by the differences triggered by US President Trump's divide-and- rule policies. These incidents are affecting the USA. These have the capabilities to derail their economic progress in the long run.

Our heartfelt prayers go out to the victims' families. Peace-loving people everywhere should stand united against hate-mongering politicians and parties.

Masud Rana

Dhanmondi, Dhaka

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