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More women becoming entrepreneurs

June 24, 2019 00:00:00

A woman faces many social obstacles to become an entrepreneur in Bangladesh Despite that, a good number of women from urban and rural areas are engaging themselves in online businesses. These women are taking care of their family members, and maintaining their day-to-day household activities.

There are tremendous opportunities for women in online businesses. For example, by knowing crafting they can start their own brand. Women here knew many skills that were limited to only household activities, now they can showcase those skills on this technology-aided business platform.

The increasing trend of online shopping in our country is a great motivation for our women to be engaged in online businesses.

Women entrepreneurs are becoming financially independent, and they are contributing to socio-economic development of the country. The government, and all others, should support them in every way possible.

Irin Sultana

Department of Finance

School of Business and Economics

North South University

[email protected]

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