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Letters to the Editor

Mosque tragedy, other cases of gross negligence

September 17, 2020 12:00:00

The tragedy in a Narayangani mosque that cost more than 30 lives has reminded us of the situation in gas distribution system. There are allegations of corruption in the sector, in which both officers and clients are involved. It's unfortunate that people who are responsible for maintaining safety of public properties and r lives of the people show negligence regarding their duties or are engaged in malpractice.

Reports of illegal gas and electricity connections, pilferage of coal, criminal acts like using bamboo in bridge construction are not uncommon. Whenever a scam is divulged, people talk about exemplary punishment. However, will we ever see a genuine zero-tolerance to corrupt practices in society?

Israt Jahan

Dept.of English, Chittagong College

[email protected]

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