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Using footbridges: Safety vs convenience

June 24, 2019 12:00:00

Now-a-days commuting in Dhaka is a risky affair. For pedestrians, the city corporations have set up many footbridges but they are not being used for the purpose they were built. People are not yet habituated to take some trouble to use footbridges, instead they like to jaywalk.

The traffic department should compel pedestrians to use footbridges and if they strictly monitor, then people will be obliged to use them.

I have seen people crossing roads in haste without being observant before crossing the roads. Despite having a footbridge in Middle Badda area of the city, I have observed, most people prefer to cross the road directly without using the bridge. The traffic police must be vigilant there and must penalise the pedestrians monetarily who try to break traffic rules so casually.

Most of the footbridges are full of banners and advisements. The environment there is suffocating for onlookers and pedestrians. We see many vendors occupy such bridges for their small businesses and create hindrance to smooth passing of pedestrians.

Sometimes I see beggars and drug addicts occupy a portion of the bridge and make the whole atmosphere dingy. It makes common people reluctant to use the bridges.

I urge all to use the footbridges for their own safety and security. Also I request the authorities to ensure healthy environment on and around the bridges.

Tanveer Islam Pavel

Sutrapur, Dhaka

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