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Motivate self, put words into action

It seems that the world would be yours to conquer if only you had a bit of motivation. One could ace that test that is coming up in the not-so-distant future, learn a new language you have always wanted to learn, even become a successful entrepreneur within one year. Or...

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Jazz fascinates Dhaka youths

With the second edition of 'Jazz & Blues Festival Dhaka' being held this year, garnering even more attraction than in the first edition, it is not unusual to ask the question: How did Dhaka, from being influenced by the vast range of music of their own roots get so caught...

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Passion helps Bangladeshi debaters make mark across world

From breaking at WSDC (World Schools Debating Championships) for the first time in 2006 to reaching the Open Quarterfinal at a WUDC (World Universities Debating Championship) event early this year, the Bangladeshi debaters have come a long way. There were constant hurdles in the way. Starting from lack of proper...

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