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Retaining talents in budding startups

In Bangladesh, avoiding uncertainty is one of the defining characteristics of culture. Even just fifteen years ago, most average people would be more than happy with a job providing a steady income. Those who became businessmen were usually taking the helm of their family's enterprise. But recently due to factors...

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Business case contest helps tomorrow’s leaders learn from professionals

The pandemic has managed to bring the whole world to a standstill. Yet, the world has not stopped functioning. Office work or studies, everything is continuing despite difficulties. In this time of difficulties, Masters of Ideation is back once again and under way -- this time online to give business...

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The rape endemic: Isn't there a way out?

A lot of readers are likely to avoid this article after taking a glimpse at the title. They will probably think "Does this concern me?" Many might think that they are being responsible citizens and this will never happen to them. On the other hand, the remaining readers who would...

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