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Please, stop the Blue Whale game

The Blue Whale saga is on a relentless march worldwide. The terrible computer or video game has been making screaming headlines in Bangladesh for a few days now. However, the picture is yet to be clear enough. When the first time the game was mentioned in connection with the death...

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Of predators in guises as teachers

There are at least two questions without answers in the world today: how long is a piece of string and when will hideous corporal punishment to children end?The piece of string is harmless enough, but the question about corporal punishment mirrors a society that is still crude, uncivilised and says...

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Sunzi's Art of War in today's world perspective

The military experiences of the Euro-American clique suggest that technology in some way is a dynamic, absolute force to which people's doctrines, strategies and force structures must be adapted and adjusted on a continual basis. An emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and rationality is important in the sense that military triumphs...

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