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AL wants country’s development: PM

Spl job quota for FFs to continue, she says

April 02, 2018 00:00:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina waving to supporters at a rally at Chandpur Stadium on Sunday — BSS

CHANDPUR, Apr 1 (UNB): Describing the arson attacks by BNP-Jamaat clique in recent past as terrorist acts, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Sunday she does not want the recurrence of such evil deeds in the country anymore.

"We don't want such terrorist acts to occur again...these are absolutely terrorist acts...we want peace in the country," she said.

The prime minister was speaking at a public rally at Chandpur Stadium organised by local Awami League.

She said Awami League wants development of the country, not the nightmare of killings anymore. "We want to make sure that the people of the country will live in a peaceful environment."

Briefly describing the killings and arson attacks of BNP-Jamaat clique, Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League chief, said destruction is the character of BNP-Jamaat nexus.

Referring to the embezzlement of money from Zia Orphanage Trust and punishment of Khaleda Zia, the prime minister said it is the character of BNP to loot others' money.

"They're involved in money laundering, terrorism, militancy, bomb attacks and grenade attacks...they're experienced in these evil activities; killing people through arson attacks are their movement," she said.

Hasina also said BNP never believes in the independence of the country as they had awarded the killers of the Father of the Nation and handed over the national flag to the war criminals.

"They never believe in development of the country, they never involved in development and will never do it in the future," she said.

The prime minister requested all including parents, teachers, imams, to remain careful about the involvement of youths in terrorism, militancy and drug addiction.

"Stay careful about our children, they must not be involved in terrorism, militancy and drug addiction. Our children will be there on the path of development and education," she said.

Sheikh Hasina reiterated that the special quota for freedom fighters, their children and grandchildren will continue.

"You have to remember one thing-- these freedom fighters brought independence for us through a war by risking their lives. Many of them made the supreme sacrifice, many embraced disability. I think, it's our duty to show respect to them and their families. That's why we've made the arrangement," she said.

Expressing her desire to see the country in a dignified position by 2021 where there will be no hunger and poverty, she said the continuation of development has to be carried to make that happen.

"Boat is your election symbol, and no one returns empty-handed casting votes in favour of Boat. To maintain the development spree, I want your votes to be cast for Boat," she urged people.

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