Abundant supply keeps litchi price normal

Thursday, 13 June 2019

RANGPUR, June 12 (BSS): Abundant supply of litchi has kept its market price normal despite harvest of the juicy fruit nearing completion now in Rangpur agriculture region.
Talking to the national news agency, both litchi growers and traders expressed their satisfaction over profuse production of the popular fruit as its harvest will end within the next ten days this season.
Litchi traders at Rangpur City Bazar Market today said plentiful litchi supply is keeping its price within normal limit between Tk 200 and Tk 600 per every 100 pieces depending on size, varieties and quality even at the end of harvesting season.
"At initial stage of harvest, every 100 pieces of Bombay, Mozaffarpuri and Madrazi varieties of litchi were sold at rates between Tk 200 and Tk 300 while China-3 variety between Tk 350 and Tk 450," said litchi trader Manu Mian at the market.
"Besides, every 100 pieces of Bedana litchi was being sold at rates between Tk 450 and Tk 600 depending on size and quality of the fruit in local markets two weeks back at initial harvesting stage," he added.
Meanwhile, supply of Madrazi, Mozaffarpuri and Bombay varieties of litchi is not available now as harvest of these litchi varieties already completed in the region.
Litchi trader Belal Mian at Rangpur City Bazar Market said, "Every 100 pieces of China-3 is being sold now between Tk 250 and Tk 450 while aristocrat Bedana litchi variety between Tk 350 and 600 following huge supply in local markets."
Besides, late 'Kanthali' and 'Elachi' varieties of litchi are currently being sold at rates between Tk 250 and Tk 350 per every 100 pieces, litchi trader Fazlul Haque at there said.
Litchi grower Hasanul Haque of village Balapara Dilalpur in Badarganj upazila here said he has been cultivating litchi on his orchard on three acres of land for past 12 years and earned profits all the time.
"I had cultivated Madrazi and China-3 varieties of litchi, already sold the fruits to traders and earned about Tk 0.45 million this season," Haque said.
Litchi farmers Ekramul Haque of the village and Shahidul Haque of village Balapara in the upazila had cultivated Madrazi, Bombay and China-3 varieties of litchi on their orchards of one to two acres of land.
"We have already completed harvest and sold all of the three varieties of litchi to traders and earned better profits," Shahidul said.
Farmers Abdul Hye of Pirganj, Nurur Rahman of Taraganj and Abdul Baten of Mithapukur upazila upazilas said they had cultivated China-3 and Madrazi varieties of litchi on their orchards and earned better profits this time.
Talking to the news agency, horticulture specialist Khondker Md. Mesbahul Islam of the DAE at its Rangpur regional office said farmers have achieved bumper litchi production as well as better price in all five districts of the region this season.
"The favourable climatic condition and frequent rainfalls led to bumper litchi production as harvesting of the seasonal fruit would complete by next ten days," he added.
Rangpur Regional Additional Director of the DAE Muhammad Ali said farmers cultivated litchi on 1,750 heaters of land in the region where production of the fruit might be around 15,000 tonnes worth bout Tk 1.50 million this time.
"Litchi farming has made many farmers self-reliant in the region in last ten years bringing profits to them in the tune of Tk 0.15 million to Tk 0.2 million per acre of land annually," Mr Ali added.