Letters to the Editor

Alarming rise in motorbike crashes

Thursday, 14 January 2021

The use of motorcycles has seen an exponential rise in recent years due to worsening traffic conditions in our country. What spurred people to opt for motorbikes as a means of transport is that the roads in the capital remain choked with traffic while rural roads are always in a dilapidated condition and ridesharing services introduced bikes in a massive way, which also inspired many new users. With the popularity of motorised two-wheelers, motorcycle accidents are also increasing throughout the country. Although the number of road crashes have somewhat decreased, largely due to pandemic-induced restrictions on public transport, motorcycle accidents witnessed a sharp rise in 2020 compared to the previous year. According to NirapadSarak Chai, among all the vehicles responsible for accidents, the highest 1,127 were motorcycles last year which is alarming.
To reduce the number of motorcycle crashes, all concerned should make all-out efforts and properly implement the Road Transport Act 2018. Creating awareness campaigns among riders and their pillions can also work as a fruitful measure. The practice of refraining from talking on mobile phones while driving must be strictly monitored. The ridesharing companies can organise training programmes for their members. If discipline is ensured on our roads, we can hope to see fewer incidents of motorcycle accidents and unnecessary loss of lives in the future.
Badsha Faysal
Jurain, Dhaka
[email protected]