Ardashir Kabir BEF president, Shusmita Anis vice-president

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Ardashir Kabir and Shusmita Anis have been elected new president and vice-president respectively of Bangladesh Employers' Federation (BEF) for the term of 2021-23, says a press release.
Ardashir Kabir is a leading entrepreneur involved in various business sectors in Bangladesh for the last 35 years. In the Tea sector, he is the Managing Director of Sathgao Tea Estate, Director of Kedarpur Tea Co. Limited, the former Chairman of Bangladesh Tea Association (Bangladeshiyo Cha Sangsad), and a former Director of the Bangladesh Tea Board.
In print media, he is a Director and Executive Editor of the daily Sangbad, the oldest Bengali daily newspaper in Bangladesh.
In the area of Elevators & Escalators, he is the Managing Director of Laboni Corporation Limited. He is the Managing Director of Ironside which is involved with metal trading from ship breaking. In the agro -forestry and aquaculture sector, he is the Managing Director of Sathgao Agro Farms.
He previously served as the Vice-President of BEF during 2017-19. Kabir was educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, in India, and the King's School Canterbury, Cambridge University and the London School of Economics, in the U.K. He studied History and Law at the two universities and completed his B.A. (Hons.) and Master's.
Shusmita Anis is the Managing Director of ACI Formulations Limited. She has also been a Director of Advanced Chemical Industries Limited since 2000 and performing as a member of the Audit Committee. Besides, she is the Director of ACI Logistics Limited, ACI Foods Limited, ACI Motors Limited, Premiaflex Plastics Limited, Creative Communication Limited, Consolidated Chemicals Limited, ACI Pure Flour Limited, Stochastic Logic Limited, ACI Salt Limited, ACI Chemicals Limited, Neem Laboratories (Pvt.) Limited, Dowla Agricultural Development Company Limited, and ACI Foundation (a non-profit organization). She previously served as a Committee Member of BEF during 2019-2020. Ms. Anis did her graduation in Fine Arts in Graphic Design from San Jose, California, USA.