Global Startup Ecosystem Index

Bangladesh moves four notches up, ranks 89th

SAIF UDDIN | Saturday, 3 June 2023

Bangladesh has moved four notches up to 89th position in the latest edition of an index that analyses the global startup ecosystem.
In the category of the city, the country's capital Dhaka also improved its position by 115 notches to secure 211st position, said the Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2023 report.
Israel-based international research organisation StartupBlink launched the report on Tuesday.
According to it, Bangladesh ranked 93rd consecutively in the last two years while the rank was 98 in the 2020 edition of the report.
Regarding Bangladesh's improvement in the ranking, the report said: "Our country rankings are discounted based on population; with the large population of Bangladesh, a 4-spot increase is significant."
The severe public transport problem in Dhaka city has been a goldmine for the startups as the city has been ranked among the top 100 cities globally for the transportation industry.
"Dhaka's climb up the Index can be attributed to the impact that its startups achieved (quality score)," the report said. Among the South Asian nations, India ranked 21, Pakistan 76, Sri Lanka 83 in the index.
The report said Bangladesh has strong economic potential, which will require active support from the government to materialise.
"Top priorities should be improving infrastructure, including internet stability," said the report, adding: "The government should also work on policy support, arrangement of corporate venture capital, and improving industry-academia collaboration to support the growth of startups."
The report mentioned that the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has built four Hi-Tech parks like Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City to elevate the growth of the local tech industry.
The index ranked the United States (US) as the best startup ecosystem, while all the top five countries maintained their position from last year.
The US is followed by the United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, and Sweden in the ranking.
Singapore, Germany, France, Australia, and the Netherlands were placed at sixth to tenth positions respectively. San Francisco, New York, London, Los Angeles, Boston, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangalore, Paris, and Tel Aviv were the top 10 cities on the list.

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