Barishal University's online radio

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A Bangla daily has reported how some young students of Barishal University have started an online radio. They have named the channel 'BU Radio'. At the moment, it is operational for two hours-- from 10:00pm till 12:00am daily.
The radio will air day-to-day news of the campus, success stories of the students, conversation with successful personalities, interviews of entrepreneurs, and cultural programmes.
This is a fantastic initiative by the students of BU. It can be hoped that through this online radio, students of the university will be able to sharpen their creative talents.
This online radio can strengthen the bond among students of the university. Teachers and administrative officials of the university should support the initiative. Surely, this radio will gain popularity if it remains neutral, and not biased to any political party.
Besides their regular studies, students need to make time to prepare and broadcast the programmes. It can be hoped that whoever will be involved with the programming and airing of the programmes on the radio channel, his or her time will be well-spent. This can also be a training ground for most students ahead of their professional life. Many can use it as a platform to develop communication skills.
What can be a better extra-curricular activity (ECA) than working for the online radio of a public university? This type of ECA will always help the students obtain scholarships while trying to pursue higher studies abroad.
Hosne Ara
Dhanmondi, Dhaka