Letters to the Editor

Being kind, being human

Saturday, 6 August 2022

I have recently come across a video clip uploaded on social media in which a young man had a motorcycle accident on Dhaka-Mawa Expressway and was badly injured. Although a big crowd was standing beside him, no one was coming to help him. Instead, they were recording videos and capturing photos of him. Does technology make us lose sight of what is really important? Or, is it in our nature to behave this way regardless of the situation? The attitude of the crowd towards the injured man shows that we only care for ourselves. We are so engrossed with our screens that life or death is secondary. Many people were standing by his side, but no one was taking him to hospital.
We are much better than this. We can put our phones down for the sake of another person's life. We have to do so because of fellow feeling. I urge everyone to act wisely when present in such a situation because saving one life is equivalent to saving the lives of all of humanity. Do what is right instead of what you want to do for the sake of a few comments or likes on social media. The present trend of aloofness from societal issues needs to be reversed. If there are individuals and families, there is society as well.

Badsha Faysal,
Jurain, Dhaka,
[email protected]