Best Iftar and Sehri buffet deals in town

Shahbaz Amin Bhuiyan | Thursday, 21 March 2024

Well-known and reputable hotels in Dhaka are widely recognised for their quality and service. They are also known for offering exquisite dining experiences, complementing them with Ramadan-themed decor that creates an inviting ambience from the entrance to the rooftop.
Five-star hotels offer Iftar and Sehri buffets featuring a wide range of dishes, allowing diners to sample various cuisines. The all-you-can-eat format provides good value for money, especially considering the time spent eating and interacting with family and friends, which promotes a sense of unity and support. This atmosphere of togetherness enhances the joyous nature of Ramadan.
While the prices of these grand buffets can be high due to the luxury setting, they become more reasonable with the right credit card. These cards offer deals ranging from Buy 1 Get 1 (B1G1) to Buy 1 Get 3 (B1G3), incentivising many people, especially young people, to visit these buffets with loved ones.
Here are some of the best Iftar and Sehri buffets to keep an eye out for:
The Westin
Situated in Gulshan, The Westin Dhaka offers a mouthwatering selection of authentic Middle Eastern culinary delights at their Seasonal Tastes restaurant. Their Buffet Iftar & Dinner is available daily for Tk 9990 net. The Buffet Sehri is available every Thursday, Friday, and night before a government holiday for Tk 5990 net. They also have premium Iftar boxes with exclusive Ramadan items like Mutton Haleem, Saffron Jilabi, and assorted kebabs, starting at Tk 7550 net. Up to B1G3 offers are available with selected cards.
Le Meridien
Experience a rich tapestry of culinary flavours at Le Meridien Dhaka, located on Airport Road in Khilkhet. They offer a buffet featuring over 140 items, including live cooking stations, appetisers, main courses, and desserts. The Buffet Iftar & Dinner is priced at Tk 9750 net with only B1G1 on selected bank cards. Their Buffet Sehri is Tk 5550 net from Sunday to Wednesday and Tk 7550 net on Thursday to Saturday. Up to B1G2 is available with selected cards. They have also collaborated with airlines US-Bangla and Novoair, offering guests the chance to win a luxurious trip to Cox's Bazar.
At Kemal Ataturk Avenue in Banani, Sheraton Dhaka offers endless choices at Dhaka City's largest buffet. Their multi-cuisine buffet features Beef Chap, Shuti Kebab, Turkish Adana Kebab, Orfali Kebab, Chicken Kofta Kebab, Beef Wellington, Lamb Ouzi, Seafood Paella, and many more Sheraton signature dishes that embody the essence of Ramadan. The Buffet Iftar & Dinner is Tk 10,990 net, while the Buffet Sehri is Tk 6990 net and is available Thursday, Friday, and nights before government holidays. Up to B1G3 offers are available with selected cards. Besides, their Iftar boxes start at Tk 7990 net. Guests can also participate in a raffle to win return air tickets from Air Arabia and US-Bangla.
One of the city's most iconic hotels, the InterContinental Dhaka, offers a grand Iftar and Sehri feast at Minto Road at Ramna. Featuring live stations, live pizza, sushi, and all kinds of authentic Middle Eastern grilled items, their Buffet Iftar & Dinner is priced at Tk 8500 net, while the Buffet Sehri is Tk 6000 net and available on Thursday and Friday nights only. Up to B1G3 offers are available on selected bank cards. They also offer Luxury Ramadan Iftar Takeaway Boxes starting from Tk 3500 net.
Marriott International's Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel is well-known for its extravagant buffet experiences featuring multiple cuisines, delicious desserts, and a large selection of dishes. For Ramadan, they offer an exquisite dining experience at Bahar, the hotel's multi-cuisine buffet restaurant. Buffet Iftar & Dinner is priced at Tk 9500 net. Buffet Suhoor is Tk 5555 net and is available every Thursday, Friday, and night before a government holiday. Up to B1G3 offers are available on selected cards. Their Lobby Cafe Gulshan Baking Company (GBC) also features a live Iftar Bazaar, offering premium takeaway boxes starting from Tk 7000 net.
Conveniently located at Gulshan 2, just kilometres away from Dhaka International Airport, Amari Dhaka invites guests to elevate their Ramadan celebrations with live Arabic cuisines, signature Saffron Reshmi Jalebi, finest dates, refreshing juices, live Kebsa, and mouthwatering Arabic desserts crafted by skilled chefs from abroad. The Buffet Iftar & Dinner at Amaya Food Gallery is priced at Tk 8999 net, while the Buffet Sehri is Tk 5555 net. Both have up to B1G3 offers on eligible cards. Their Cascade restaurant also offers Buy One Get One (BOGO) takeaway delights starting from Tk 3999 net.
Crowne Plaza
Hailing from Morocco, renowned Syrian-born chef Mohammad Khawaldeh of Crowne Plaza Dhaka Gulshan specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine. Expect beef tenderloins, shish taouks, roasted lamb shepherd's pie, grilled prawns, marinated char-grilled lamb shanks, various types of hummus, and delicious desserts like Umm Ali, cannoli, creme brulee, and basbousa. Their Flair Restaurant offers Buffet Iftar and Dinner at only Tk 7777 net with up to B1G3 offers on eligible cards. Besides, customers can enter a raffle to win a couple of return air tickets to Cox's Bazar and Chittagong. Their Buffet Sehri is Tk 5999 net with up to B1G2 offers on applicable cards. Their Ramadan takeaway starts at Tk 3999 net.
Radisson Blu
At the Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden on Airport Road, guests can indulge in a lavish spread of traditional Arabian delicacies, from succulent grilled meats to aromatic rice dishes and decadent desserts. This includes their special mutton haleem, assorted Turkish meat and fish kebabs, and various Middle Eastern desserts such as baklava, kunafa, and basbousa. Buffet Iftar & Dinner is priced at Tk 7800 net with up to B1G3 offers on eligible cards. Their Iftar Takeaway boxes start at Tk 2700 net. Besides, customers can enter a raffle draw to win return air tickets to the UAE, Maldives, Cox's Bazar, and more.
Planning your Iftar or Sehri buffet experience
If you plan to take advantage of any of the Iftar/Sehri buffets mentioned above, you'll need to gather some information from their social media pages or contact them directly. First, check if their offer is B1G1, B1G2, or B1G3 and compare it with the number of people in your group. Next, check which bank cards are eligible alongside those available to you and your friends and family. Finally, don't forget to reserve your table a day in advance, visit with your loved ones, and enjoy!

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