Dengue: 17 more die, huge cases outside Dhaka

FE REPORT | Tuesday, 19 September 2023

The death toll from the mosquito-borne dengue fever rose by 17, including 10 from Dhaka, in 24 hours to Monday morning, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).
With the additional deaths, the casualties rose to 839 including 574 from Dhaka.
Meanwhile, 3,084 hospitalisations were also recorded during the same period across the country, including 894 from Dhaka, according to DGHS.
The ever-worsening dengue situation showed no sign of improvement with the growing deaths and cases. The health authorities also continued to report growing number of new cases outside Dhaka.
DGHS reported 2,190 new cases of hospitalisation outside Dhaka.
Last year, 281 people died due to dengue, the second highest in the history of the country.
Meanwhile, the total dengue cases rose to 170,768. Of the total cases, 74,127 were from Dhaka, added DGHS. Of the total patients in Dhaka, 42,688 were male and 31,439 female.
A total of 10,032 were being treated across the country in hospitals. Of them, 3,861 were from Dhaka. Of the total admitted, 159,897 patients made recovery and returned home, 69,692 including from Dhaka.

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