Engage private sector to execute govt projects

Speakers tell ADB seminar

FE Report | Monday, 12 November 2018

Speakers at a seminar on Sunday called for involving the private sector especially in providing services related to implementation of the government projects.
They also stressed the need for timely financing, capacity building of local experts and giving priority to local consulting firms for efficient implementation of the development projects.
The suggestions came at the fourth session of a day- long seminar titled 'Business Opportunities Seminar' organised by Asian Development Bank (ADB) at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) in the city.
Tika Limbu, head of portfolio management unit (PMU) of ADB, moderated the session on 'sharing experience in ADP projects'.
Rafiqul Alam, director general of Bangladesh Railway, Abul Kalam Azad, chief engineer of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Shamimuz Z Bosunia, president of Bangladesh Association of Consulting Engineers (BACE), Monir Uddin Ahmed, president of Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry (BACI), SM Ebadur Rahman, senior social sector officer, Mohammed Zulyaminayn, senior procurement officer of ADB, and Elma Morsheda, senior project officer of ADB spoke at the seminar.
Ms. Morsheda stressed the need for content-relevant integrated project designing, team building with relevant partners of the project and timely financing for efficient implementation of the project.
She also called on the private sector to work together with local and central governments, and development partners, saying that there are ample opportunities in providing a wide range of services to various projects.
Explaining the experience of implementing the ADB-funded projects, the BR chief sought ADB support in implementing the master plan of the railway, saying the railway is a potential area.
Terming management of solid waste as one of the big challenges, Mr. Azad said the ADB and private sector could invest in transport and capital dredging systems, among other areas.
Most of the consulting professionals are foreigners, Mr Bosunia said, adding that the ADB could take projects in developing the capacity of the local technical experts and also the people involved at the policy level.
Echoing Mr. Bosunia, BACI president Mr. Monir said the government should have the policy to give priority to the local service providers.

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