Letters to the Editor

Flood situation is alarming

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

The water level has been rising in major rivers for the last few weeks. As a result, the flood situation also deteriorates in some northern districts. Water levels in some rivers, however, receded which help ease the sufferings of flood-affected people. Nevertheless, September is usually known as the month of the devastating flood as witnessed in 1988, 1998 and 2004. So, it is important to be fully prepared to tackle the situation efficiently.
For a flat riverine delta like this land, flood is unavoidable. The climate change also makes things worse. The sufferings of people are immense due to floods. A large number of them become displaced and take shelter in relief centres. Those who stay in their own houses also suffer. Lack of safe drinking water becomes a major concern. There is also a lack of adequate food. Relief management has improved over the years but not without leakage and theft. In many places, the local political leaders are involved in corruption. They sometimes deprive the flood-affected people by diverting their allocation for purposes other than helping the victims. The local administration also sometimes fail to deliver assistance to the needy. All these misdeeds should be checked strictly.

Biplob Das