Govt takes steps to dig new and old gas wells to ensure energy security

Friday, 23 September 2022

The government has taken a number of measures including exploring new gas wells along with digging the existing ones to meet the increasing demand of energy, reports BSS.
"We've taken steps to dig different existing gas wells along with discovering new ones to boost energy production against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine conflicts that have posed a threat to global energy security, including Bangladesh," said an energy ministry official.
He said Russia-Ukraine conflicts have made the global import market of gasoline volatile pushing up the gas and oil price abnormally. But the current crisis in the Bangladesh energy sector is temporary and Bangladesh will soon be able to overcome it, the official added.
According to the ministry, the government has discovered two new gas wells-Srikail East-1 and Zakiganj-1 through well digging/work-over, while digging of Sylhet-9 well was completed and gas was found for commercially extraction.