Allegations of anti-organisational activities

Montu-led Gonoforum warns of action against Dr Kamal

Thursday, 22 October 2020

A faction of Gonoforum leaders, led by its former general secretary Mostafa Mohsin Montu, has warned of taking organisational action against party president Dr Kamal Hossain if he does not refrain from indulging in its 'anti-constitutional' activities, reports UNB.
"All the anti-constitutional activities within our party have been carried out with the direct interference of our party president Dr Kamal Hossain. If we say it straightforward it's been done with his consent," said Gonoforum ex-executive president Subrata Chowdhury.
Speaking at a press conference at the National Press Club, he said, "We would like to clearly say we'll be forced to take organisational decision against respected Dr Kamal Hossain for the continuation of anti-political and anti-constitutional activities, patronage of an evil quarter, and the character assassination of national leaders through spreading lies, fabrications and imaginary interviews."
Asked what the organisational decision they may take, Subrata said they may serve show-cause notices on Dr Kamal and others if they continue to carry out their activities going against the party constitution.
"As per our constitution, if the party president or a member is involved in anti-constitutional activities, he or she can be expelled with the consent of two-thirds of the members of the Central Committee. Before that, we've to send a show-cause notice. This is the provision of our constitution," he added.
Subrata said they have a plan to take a decision regarding Dr Kamal Hossain at the party council on December 26. "But he in connivance with Dr Reza Kibria is still doing anti-constitutional activities. "So, this process may have taken place earlier. We'll take a decision on it seeing his role from tomorrow."