Letters to the Editor

Professional ethics of doctors

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Punctuality is a must for most of us, especially for the people, who are engaged in providing healthcare services. Unfortunately, last month, I had quite a different experience on two occasions.In the first case, a physician of a private hospital in the city's Dhanmondi area was an hour late when the doctor came tohis chamber. In the other case, things went against professional ethics, as there were so many patients in the waiting area, who were given appointments at the same time.
Such a situation was created because, though the physician's assistant was giving appointments, the physician rather preferred his acquaintances. As a result, we had to wait for three dreadful hours, though we reachedaccording to appointedtime. This needs to change now, and every one of us must develop a professional attitude.

Afroza Sheikh,
Dania, Dhaka,
[email protected]