RAKUB recovers Tk 2.42 billion outstanding loan in Rajshahi

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (RAKUB) has recovered outstanding loan worth Tk 2.42 billion (Tk 242 crore) through a grand loan recovery camp in Rajshahi recently, reports BSS.
Headquartered in Rajshahi, the specialised bank has arranged the grand camp in all its branches simultaneously as part of a 54-day special package from September 1 to October 24, RAKUB sources said in Rajshahi city.
Of the recovered loan, Tk 2.12 billion (Tk 212 crore) was from classified loan, Tk 100 million (Tk 10 crore) from rescheduled loan and Tk 200 million (Tk 20 from) other outstanding loans.
Side by side with the loan recovery, loan of Tk 2.7 billion (Tk 207 crore) was disbursed and Tk 390 million (Tk 39 crore) was collected as deposit through different kinds of accounts in the grand camp.
As the largest development partner in all 16 northwest districts of Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions, RAKUB has been operating its banking activities in the country's northwest region targeting its agricultural sector.
The bank has attained an ever-highest profit of over Tk 424 million (Tk 42.45 crore) during the 2018-19 financial year, up by Tk 20.7 million (Tk 2.07 crore) than that of the previous fiscal year, the sources added.