Letters to the Editor

Rejuvenating football in Bangladesh

Thursday, 24 November 2022

The love for football is not new in Bangladesh. Although the passion for this game can be seen rising after every four years during the FIFA World Cup, still football in Bangladesh has a glorious past. Those who once saw the best of Bangladesh football in 1970s and 80s can only recall how popular the game was then across the country. In the past, hundreds of football fans used to travel to Dhaka from other districts to watch their team play. The game is still played here but it cannot draw spectators for many reasons including our players' poor performance. If properly nourished, football can regain its lost glory again in the country. And for this, there is no other alternative than investing in the game.
The authorities concerned should increase funding for football and make arrangement for setting up at least one playground for football in every district. We should bring football back to life and offer support and assistance to both male and female footballers across the country.

Shahjahan Sirazi,
Malibagh, Dhaka,
[email protected]