Storms, heatwave may sweep across the country in Apr

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Midway through the Bangla month of Chaitra, storms swept through parts of the country, including the capital Dhaka, reports bdnews24.com.
And the trend is likely to continue at the start of Boishakh, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department said.
In the outlook for April, which falls between the end of Chaitra and the start Boishakh on the Bangla calendar, the the Met office forecasts two to three days of intense storms, about six days of thunderstorms followed by sporadic heatwaves.
At the same time, there are fears of a cyclone forming over the Bay of Bengal, said Abul Kalam Mollik, a senior meteriologist.
The chances of thunderstorms and seasonal storms, locally known as Kalboishakhi storms, are higher during the warm months of April and May, especially in the north-western and east-western regions of the country, he said.
Two seasonal storms struck the country on Sunday and Tuesday.