Tigers' fans rock Oval

Monday, 3 June 2019

The stadium of popular cricketing ground Kennington Oval, formerly known as The Oval, in London was resonated on Sunday with the cheerful shouts of Bangladeshi cricket fans as Tigers off to a good start against Proteas, reports UNB.
A large number of Bangladeshis, wearing the Bangladesh national cricket team jersey and holding the national flag, are shouting with each ball rolling on the pitch during Bangladesh's first match against South Africa.
Britain's Bangladesh community members are overwhelmingly concentrated in London, particularly at the East End. The cricket venue - Oval - having a capacity of 23,500 people has already witnessed many historic matches and Tigers made a big start against South Africa.
Facebook walls have also been flooded with colourful photos posted by both Bangladeshi supporters straight from the venue and those who are watching the match from various parts of the world.