Trade resumes through Benapole port

OUR CORRESPONDENT | Monday, 6 July 2020

BENAPOLE: India finally agreed to accept Bangladeshi export goods and as a result the import-export trade resumed through Benapole port at 7 pm on Sunday.
After a fruitful meeting of the customs, ports and trade associations of the two countries in the afternoon, the import-export trade started in full swing. Five truckloads of goods have been exported from Bangladesh to India and another five truck loads of goods have been imported from India to Bangladesh.
As a result, the port returned to normal as before. Five organisations using Benapole port had been blocking the entry of Indian imported goods into Bangladesh since last Wednesday in protest against not allowing Bangladeshi export goods to enter India.
Mofizur Rahman Sajon, president of the Benapole C&F Agents Association, said the Indian West Bengal government had not allowed Bangladeshi export goods to enter India for the past three months.