Viqarunnisa Noon School student's suicide

Friday, 7 December 2018

Aritry Adhikari, a student of Class nine of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College (VNSC) committed suicide on December 3. She took her life after her parents were allegedly humiliated at the school by her teachers for her alleged cheating in examinations.
Aritri's death led to protests by other students of the school. When education minister Nurul Islam Nahid visited the school the next day, aggrieved students of the school and their guardians demanded justice from him for the suicide of the girl.
As per instruction of the Ministry of Education, the VNSC governing body has already suspended three teachers including Acting Principal and in-charge of the main branch, where the incident took place.
The matter is unfortunate and unacceptable for all guardians. This loss is irreparable for Aritry's family. The offence is punishable under criminal act.
A school is a place for learning. A teacher's duty is not only to teach students but also to guide them and usher them away from committing any misdeeds.
The death of the young girl is a proof of the school authority's irresponsible attitude towards thousands of students and their guardians. Such misbehaviour with parents occurs in many schools causing psychological trauma to parents and children. But victims do not protest against it, fearing the future of their daughters or sons studying there.
There were numerous situations when parents were rebuked by teachers even when their children have not done anything wrong. This is intentionally done so that parents send their children to coaching centres usually run by these teachers.
In this particular case, I hope that a proper investigation will be launched by the government and the persons responsible will be brought to book.
Md. Zillur Rahaman
Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd,
Lalmohan Branch, Bhola.