Haitian migrants seek asylum in Mexico

Friday, 24 September 2021

MEXICO CITY, Sept 23 (Reuters): Hundreds of Haitian asylum seekers congregated outside Mexico's refugee agency in the capital and in shelters in the northern city of Monterrey on Wednesday, as migrants deterred by a crackdown at the US border sought legal status in Mexico.
Nearly 10,000 migrants, mainly Haitian, remain in worsening conditions in an impromptu camp that sprang up under a bridge spanning the Rio Grande from the Texas town Del Rio to Mexico's Ciudad Acuna.
In recent days, US authorities have removed at least 4,000 people from the site for processing in detention centres. Some 523 Haitians have been deported to their homeland on four flights, with repatriations set to continue on a regular basis, the US Department of Homeland Security said.
Filippo Grandi, the head of the UN refugee agency, has warned that US expulsions to such a volatile situation might violate international law.