Padma Bridge not with own fund : BNP

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Opposing the government's plan to construct the much-talked-about Padma Bridge with own fund, main opposition BNP Monday said it will create an extra burden on the country's people, reports UNB.
"If the government tries to collect money issuing bonds or imposing surcharge, it'll create an extra burden on people. It may even cast a very negative impact on the economy," BNP standing committee member M K Anwar told a discussion.
Sushil forum, a pro-BNP platform, organised the discussion at Dhaka Reporters' Unity.
The BNP leader came up with the views a day after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina revealed in parliament her government's plan for construction of the mega project with own fund.
Winding up her speech of the 13th session of the 9th parliament, the premier said the construction work of the bridge would start in the current fiscal year and complete within the fiscal year 2015-16 at a cost of Tk 230.00 billion.
Speaking at the discussion, M K Anwar suggested the government to resolve the dispute with the World Bank, shelving its plan to construct the bridge with own fund.
Mentioning the sorry state of the country's economy, Anwar said the country is not in a position to implement big projects like Padma Bridge with its internal resources.
He also asked the government to launch a fair investigation into the graft allegations in the Padma Bridge project and take action against those involved in the graft.
Criticising the ruling party men for indulging in massive corruption, the BNP leader said: "It'll be possible to construct a number of bridges over the Padma, if the money looted by ministers during the last three years is given back."
Meanwhile, opposition chief Whip Zainul Abdin Farroque asked the government to make public the letters sent by the World Bank and disclose the names of those charged with corruption by the global lenders.
"We'll assist the government to build the Padma Bridge. But, before that the government must disclose the names of those involved in the Padma Bridge project graft," he said while addressing a discussion at the National Press Club organised by Jasas, a front organisation of BNP.
Farroque also urged the Prime Minister to seek apology to people for bruising the country's image through corruption in the Padma Bridge project.