Plea for ensuring sustainable production to cut pollution

FE Report | Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The level of pollution jumps by 12 per cent if the industry increases only one per cent as the production process is not sustainable or environment-friendly despite the fact that 74 development activities take place through the private sector, experts said at a discussion on Monday.
They also said degradation of the environment and disasters are the major concerns that creep in alongside the development. So, sustainable consumption and production are crucial to tackling the catastrophe.
If the private sector cannot ensure a sustainable production process, Bangladesh will not be able to achieve the goal 12 of SDG by 2030 as environmental degradation and misuse of resources take place during the production process, they added.
ActionAid Bangladesh, MACOMM and the University of Liberal Arts of Bangladesh jointly organised the discussion titled 'Driving Sustainable Consumption and Production: The Role of the Private Sector' at a city hotel.
ActionAid Country Director Farah Kabir said SDG is a political document in which the goal 12 is very important because all the countries like Bangladesh will have to ensure sustainable process in using vital resources like gas, water and electricity.
"In reality, we are very much reluctant in using natural resources. We have been misusing natural resources during production process on one hand, and damaging the environment on the other," she said.
Prof Aminul Islam of North South University said one per cent growth in industrialisation results in a 12 per cent rise in environmental pollution because of absence of an environment-friendly production process.
An industry in Bangladesh can reduce 17 per cent of electricity consumption if it wants, which can cut pollution by 21 per cent, he added.

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