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Playing regulations changed for final

To allow more time in case of rain stoppage

November 12, 2022 00:00:00

MELBOURNE, Nov 11 (BBC Sport): Organisers have changed the playing regulations for Sunday's (November 13) Men's T20 World Cup final in Melbourne to allow more time in case of rain stoppages.

England meet Pakistan at 08:00 GMT (2:00 pm BST) on Sunday but showers are forecast.

A reserve day is scheduled for Monday but, with more rain forecast, two hours have been added to allow play to continue late into Monday evening.

If a 10-over-per-side contest cannot be played then England and Pakistan will be declared joint winners.

England reached the final with a comprehensive 10-wicket demolition of India in Adelaide on Thursday, while Pakistan strolled to a seven-wicket victory over New Zealand in the other semi-final, played on Wednesday.

The tournament's playing conditions state "every effort" will be made to complete the final on Sunday rather than using the reserve day, even if they require a shortened contest.

If the reserve day is required the match will continue from Sunday, rather than be restarted.

It will be played under the same playing conditions as the last ball bowled the previous day, meaning if a 10-over-per-side match starts on Sunday the final would be played to the same length on Monday.

The addition of two extra hours means there are seven hours and 10 minutes to fit in a match on the reserve day.

If required play will start at 04:00 GMT.

Rain has dogged matches in Melbourne during this tournament with England's meeting with Australia in the group stage one of three games at the venue washed out.

England were also beaten by Ireland on the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method after rain brought an early end to their match at the same ground.

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