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imo launches new feature 'Play Together'

November 11, 2020 00:00:00

imo, one of the world's largest instant communication platform, launched a new feature "Play Together" for its users in Bangladesh, which aims to bring people even closer virtually in these COVID 19 pandemic times, said a statement.

Going much beyond the generic talk, chat, messaging and social networking, "Play Together" disrupts with its features which allows users to invite families and friends online and indulge together in one group to enjoy watching movies, listening to music and sharing a screen - all under one platform.

Play Together feature's distinctive difference with any other communication platform features is that, it allows users to interact in expanded forms apart from creating virtual rooms and watching video together.

"Play Together" feature allows a user to create a virtual party room, invite others (maximum 20 people in a room) to join, and engage in multiple activities together including watch YouTube & self-uploaded videos, listen to music and share a user's screen.

This feature can be accessed in simple ways. Users can see "Play Together" entrance in their chats list in the imo app. They can click YouTube or Music to create a room and then invite others to join. They can also select "Play Together" in the lower right section of the virtual room to switch to other functions including Share Screen. When a user is making a voice call with friends, they can also click "Play Together" on the calling page to use the feature.

With this new feature of imo, users in Bangladesh can connect with one another on a more involved level even with staying apart in different continents and geographic regions and fight off the boredom of the new normal of socially distanced and quarantined ways of life.

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