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Has the economic spring arrived?

As the composite international economy surges, particularly in hitherto regressive Atlantic markets, emerging and frontier economies should find buoyancy, while a field-day awaits hitherto shy stock-brokers if they take the plunge. Springtime 2018 could supply the only window we have seen in a decade to make those moves most efficiently.Without...

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Opportunity in the East

The debate over Bangladesh having or not having achieved developing country status is interesting. The arguments are likely to continue. The major credit rating agencies suggest that Asia is the future of business opportunity; Bangladesh is a lead country. Business confidence, such a crucial factor in investment consideration, for Bangladesh...

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Tapping an alternative source of term finance

Bond market is an area we have been talking about for the last two decades but it hasn't yet developed in Bangladesh. Efficient bond market is an essential part of modern financial market as it provides alternative source of term funding. Bond market provides suitable alternative source of fund to...

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