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Embracing the new age of automation: Taking public anxieties into account

Ever since early-nineteenth-century textile workers destroyed the mechanical looms that threatened their livelihoods, debates over automation have conjured gloom-and-doom scenarios about the future of work. With another era of automation upon us, how nervous about the future of our own livelihoods should we be?A recent report by the McKinsey Global...

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Where did equality go?

At least from a perspective of words all nations are equal for the United Nations. But the bloated bureaucracy that only Donald Trump has taken on face-to-face doesn't act like it. Nine out of ten times the agency is slow and sluggish to respond to humanitarian crises, never have budgets...

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A ray of hope for Dhaka city commuters

Combating the terrible traffic in Dhaka city is becoming increasingly difficult. Chaos on the road continues despite the fact that policymakers and government bodies have so far taken a number of initiatives to redress the traffic woes. What is missing is long-term coordination as well as good governance in the...

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