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The political economy of land grabbing in Bangladesh

Human beings undertake economic activities mainly for their own material gains, but corruption, morality and ethics are often intricately intertwined with these. All economic pursuits, including production, distribution, consumption and investment, are supposed to be conducted under the framework of laws, rules and ethics. But there is a huge difference...

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Transforming raw talent to something meaningful

They come in the hordes, hopefuls drawn from different sections of society to become part of education systems that have found their own way of circumventing the banal uselessness of our education system. Yes, there was a time when Dhaka College, Notre Dame and Holy Cross College took in and...

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The case for encouraging the cattle breeders

The country's cattle sector is a vivid example of how crisis can be turned into an opportunity. Over the last few years, the sector has been growing at a steady pace, and if such growth would continue the sector can meet the domestic demand of meat within a couple of...

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