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LDC graduation: Promoting knowledge and technology transfer

There is a multitude of ideas (read startup and enterprises) that holistically addresses social, business and the environment based solutions for Bangladesh. The beauty of these lies in the fact that they come from our larger youth population, making the bulk of our human resource and our future nation-builders. And...

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bKash -- a disruptive idea and hope

The recent deal between Alipay, a subsidiary of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, and bKash is a fresh breath of news the country needed. Alas that in midst of ongoing political tantrum and banking sector upheaval the bKash-Alipay news did not get the attention it deserves. Nonetheless the sage stakeholders,...

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Facebook imposes tough censorship

Facebook, known as the world's prodigious social media company, for the first time opened up the touchstone or the pattern it uses to censor speech on its forum, absolutely at its own discretion, and with no legal oversight or recourse.Facebook's widely comprehensive "community guideline" is so expansive that it can...

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