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Curbing bad loans: Streamlining the banking system

Banks are central to the monetary system of a country. They play a vital role in the economy by disbursing credit to business entities, and at the same time, they collect the surplus capital from overall population through various kinds of depository incentives. But at present, our money savings framework...

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Thousands still dying at sea en route to Europe

Amid concerns that 160 people may have drowned while attempting to cross the Mediterranean this week alone, the UN refugee agency have urged countries to offer more resettlement places.Though the influx of refugees and migrants has slowed, many are still embarking on dangerous journeys to Europe."[We] have been advocating for...

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Dairy sector: A global view

Global milk production is now estimated to expand by a slower pace, far slower than in the recent past. Growth prospects have been affected by a number of factors as international markets have been responding to the historically high international price levels of the past couple of years. On balance,...

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